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    "Splinter" is a story of people living in continuous disorder and about the feeling of uneasiness that their lives provoke.

    For a year, I used to visit a family living in a house which should have fallen apart a long time ago. Yet, its residents apparently refused to accept that only order is legitimate in today’s world. They created around themselves a world resembling a warehouse – a space packed with things, whether working or not. Every time I went there, things would change their position, different people were visiting the house, sometimes it was hard to tell who is a member of the family and who is a stranger. It seemed that the continuous change gave meaning to that reality.

    At the same time, I had the feeling that something is wrong, that this disorder should have end up with a catastrophe. And, somehow, this happened - the car which was owned by the family crushed, two animals died and the woman left the man and the house. Now they live apart, but with the same perpetual motion and disorder.